After placing the order, you will be directed to the Paysera payment system. All you need to do is select the bank from which you want to make a payment transaction and confirm the pre-formed payment. Payment takes a few minutes. Payment can be made directly through Paysera in the presence of customers of one of the following banks: Paysera, Swedbank; SEB; Luminor | DNB Bank; Luminor | Nordea Bank and Danske Bank. Customers of other banks should choose and make a payment by bank transfer.

Electronic banking

In the online store you can pay for the goods using the most popular electronic banking systems: Swedbank, SEB bank, Luminor Bank, Danske Bank A / S Lithuanian branch, Citadele bank, Šiaulių Bank”. Please note that each of the mentioned banks can apply its own fees for payment to the buyer using electronic banking.

How to pay for the order using electronic banking:

  1. Fill in the contact details, select “Internet Bank” next to the payment method and select your bank.
  2. will redirect you to the bank’s website and transfer data about the amount to be paid to the electronic banking system.
  3. Log in to the e-banking page in the usual way and the system will have already formed a payment for the selected goods. All you need to do is confirm the payment.
  4. After confirming the payment, the e-banking page will close and you will return to

Bank transfer

You can pay for the goods by making a regular money transfer to our account. Indicate the order number in the purpose of payment (when ordering goods, you will receive the order number by email). Please note that banks and other credit institutions may charge their fees to the buyer for bank transfer payments.

Your product will be stored for 3 hours from the order of the product. If you do not pay for the order within 3 hours, the cart will be canceled.

Account details:

Recipient: MB Berrybe

Registration code: 305790761

Bank account: LT884010051005552159 (Bank: Luminor)

Bank account: LT673500010013703957 (Bank: Paysera)

Purpose of payment: “order number”.